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The r.e.a.l. Foundation

At The r.e.a.l store, we seek to inspire human potential. Everyone has the potential to be extraordinary, and we hope to facilitate that. We provide r.e.a.l friends with the opportunity to participate in relevant and important causes that support humanitarian issues across the globe. The following are some of our foundation causes:


The S.E.A.T. Project

The S.E.A.T Project teaches children about social responsibility, their own gifts & talents and encourages community engagement.

The S.E.A.T Project was designed by UNSW Art & Design graduate Niki Banados as part of the Hands That Shape Humanity ‘Hand Up’  mentor program. It is a small bamboo stool  for children and is produced in a sustainable bamboo factory in Vietnam, where they use the off cuts from the bamboo to fuel the furnace that powers the whole bamboo factory!


Hands That Shape Humanity

This is called the continuum.There are 36 participants in Hands, including Emeritus Archbishop Desmund Tutu, Carlos Santana, Queen Noor, the late Dame Anita Roddick and a broad range of inspiring and notable actors, philanthropists, musicians, authors, politicians, scientists and artists.

Each of the participants was asked, “if you could leave one message for humanity what would it be?” Their answers are in a multimedia exhibition currently travelling the world.


UNSW Mentor Programme

Through a staged process, the program offers mentoring, guidance and connections to industry professionals, a platform for distribution and marketing through The R.E.A.L Store.

Centered around the principles of Design Thinking and Creative Collaboration, ‘R.E.A.L Design for Social Impact’ builds a professional pathway for emerging designers to use their own set of skills towards a positive and tangible social impact beyond the classroom.