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Jane Morey

considered by real has launched The Pacific Collection 2020, showcasingartisanal pieces handcrafted by communities across the regions of Papua New Guinea, at the NY NOW trade fair (10-14 August) in New York. 

Papua New Guinea is one of the most culturally rich and diverse countries in the world, with more than 7,000 different cultural groups and styles of expressions.considered by real’sThe Pacific Collection 2020 features the high-quality, handcrafted designs of four provinces: Ialibu Province Southern Highlands, Trobriand Island, Oro Province and Western Sepik.

Virginia Bruce, CEO and founder of considered by real andREAL Impact, was thrilled to be showing for the second year at NY NOW, as it enabled the enterprise to build on connections and source new opportunities. It follows on from a recent sourcing collaboration with Casa Cook Ibiza that celebrated the artisans of Papua New Guinea with the launch of the Ialibu Hippy chair.

“Each piece within The Pacific Collection 2020 takes you on a journey to this remote corner of the world, and in doing so it is supporting Papua New Guinean artisans and their economic development by creating a wider market for their crafts,” says Ms Bruce.

“The master craftsmanship of the products is rooted in century-old skills and traditions, with considered by realhaving collaborated with artisan communities to connect their cultural practices with contemporary design to create products for today’s homes.

“Showing at NY NOW once again demonstrated the Pacific’s export capacity and our commitment to eco-friendly, design-driven producers that respect artisan craftsmanship, authentic techniques and cultural heritage,” Ms Bruce adds.

considered by real’s The Pacific Collection 2020 features works fromIalibu weavers from the Ialibu Province in the Southern Highlands, who have created the bespoke Hippy chair. Taking around six weeks to make using tree vine sourced from the jungle, the hand-woven chair features a muted palette of warm hues. It’s a timeless and unique décor piece that offers an inimitable insight into a traditional craft. The Ialibu weavers also created a range of lightshades and baskets with patterns and designs that are a unique fusion of their own stories and imagination.

The master carvers from the remote Trobriand Islands collaborated with considered by real to create carved lightshades, salad bowls and servers, and coffee tables out of their traditional kwila wood that’s locally and sustainably sourced. Meanwhile, the community’s weavers translated their traditional mat weaving and grass skirts into home textiles, lighting and cushions. Each handmade product with its unique design appeals to those who recognise and respect master craftsmanship and sustainable homewares.

These are just some of the products showcased by considered by real in New York in an effort to create wider opportunities for remote communities and small businesses across PNG, generating money for their communities and providing them with their first opportunity to enter the formal economy.

“Working with the communities in Papua New Guinea and across the Pacific Islands is incredibly rewarding. By celebrating the human potential through the fusion of traditional and contemporary design, we are supporting and accelerating local entrepreneurs, and providing these artisan communities with access to a wider market for their crafts, which will improve their livelihoods, while providing consumers with beautiful, unique, contemporary products,” says Ms Bruce.

“NY NOW is one way in which we are able to create demand for the supply of Papua New Guineaartisan homewares to global markets, providing real opportunities for employment and access to the region. It is with great pride that we have officially launched The Pacific Collection 2020, showcasing undiscovered creative communities, art and design from the Pacific,” adds Ms Bruce.

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