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Gifts with PurposeVirginia Bruce

“Design for Social Impact allows students to make a difference in the world through their creativity and design thinking. Working with Virginia and the REAL foundation gave the students the support and guidance in realising their projects, tapping into their entrepreneurial spirit.  The dinner was a perfect way to celebrate the completion of their project and engage in dialogue with other professionals working in the area of social impact.”
Karina Clarke, Program Director Design (Undergraduate) & Senior Lecturer, School of Design Studies, UNSW.

The REAL UNSW Art & Design Mentoring Program students have turned in their final projects, officially making them this year’s generation of “REAL Impact Designers.”

Their brief was to use Design to create a positive social or environmental impact and they delivered their responses with fantastic results, tackling a wide range of complex issues and proposing solutions that are intriguing, ambitious and creative.

Through this process, from incubation to realisation, the students were brilliantly supported by a team of mentors, including REAL Store founder Virginia Bruce, program coordinator Jane McCullum, and ceramic artist Katherine Mahoney. The program wouldn’t have been the success it was without the participation of Con Giorgiou from One Million Acts of Innovation who provided a 4 week Innovation workshop as part of the 15 week program.

“As a social impact designer, what are you going to design that you love? What are you going to design that is part of who you are but also makes a contribution to other people’s worlds?”, asks Virginia Bruce, founder of The REAL Store and head of the REAL Foundation.

“The REAL UNSW Art & Design Mentoring Program is about putting each person at the centre of their universe and recognising that each one of us has something to offer.”

Last month, The REAL Store celebrated the students’ achievements with the “Design for Social Impact” dinner. The event itself embodied the ethos and experience of what using Design as a driving force for positive change can mean, along with the power of bringing a passionate community together.

The event was shared by students, industry professionals, social entrepreneurs, artists and designers, sustainability experts, bridging the gap between education and industry…  all united by a passion for design, beauty and sustainability.

What better way to celebrate what has been done and what is to come in the Social Impact space?

By supporting The REAL Store and The REAL Foundation, you are supporting initiatives like this one and making the world a better and more beautiful place.