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Artisans Of The Pacific


REAL Impact was asked to look at the Creative Arts Industry across the Pacific, so we ventured on a journey of discovery. We travelled to
Papua New Guinea, Fiji, Solomon Islands and Vanuatu to discover the ‘Artisans of the Pacific’, and we were blown away by the incredible talent, heritage and creativity that we found.

These skills and unique cultures have been thousands of years in the making, passed down from generation to generation. Each nation presents its own unique and rich art forms that represent their community, culture and the natural resources that are available to them. 


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Regions of the pacific


Each island province has it’s own unique traditional creative skills that represent their community. The mamas are the weavers and their weavings are truly stunning. What we are presenting in our pilot is just a snap shot of what they can do.

SolomOn Islands

In our first few days we met the Renbell weavers, carvers from Marova Lagoon, the Guadacanal Highland weavers, and cane makers from Isabel Province. The diversity and artistic expression we believe is something to be treasured and encouraged.


Papua New Guinea comprises about 600 small islands and has some 5,150 km of coastline; only 13 per cent of people live in urban areas. PNG is also home to over 1,000 indigenous languages, thought to be more than any other country in the world.


The Republic of Fiji Islands is an archipelago of about 300 islands (100 inhabited) and 540 islets, spread over three million square km, it has roughly 1,130 km of coastline with a population of about 881,000 people. It was where we started our Pacific adventure.



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